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The Garden

The Garden has a team of gardeners who conduct regular maintenance. For more specialised tasks we outsource to various experts.

The Committee itself is made up of volunteers from residents of the Square.  Please consider getting involved, particularly if you think there are areas for improvement. 

There is more detailed information on the garden below. 

Summary November 2022

This autumn the north end of the south lawn has been greatly improved The lawn has been reseeded and in one patch we have been experimenting with “Nordic Lawn”, a matting which allows the grass to grow through it and protects the grass against damage when conditions are not optimal. This area now has timed irrigation.

The bed to the east side of this area has been replanted with new hedging plants and smaller plants in front. This area also has timed irrigation.

On the North lawn, the rose bed in the centre has been slightly increased in area, edged with metal EverEdge. This gives the border of the bed a sharp finish and an edge that the lawn mowers can cut to. The new hedge of Teucrium x Lucidrys has been planted. This is an alternative to Box and doesn’t suffer from box blight.

For more detailed information visit the Gardening News Page

Summary Nov 2022

After an heroic amount of work from Anne Bristow and fellow volunteers, as well as generous donations from residents, the new playground is open!

The work included refurbishing and re-siting the train and play house; installation of a new play structure and slide.  New lawn and safety surface.  Hopscotch and new planting and benches

For more detailed information visit the Children's Play Area Page.  

Summary November 2022

Most of this Years Garden Improvements have been focused on upgrading the Children's Play Area. However we have also made some other improvements to the gravel paths as well as planting.

For more detailed information visit the Garden Improvements Page 

Garden Rules 2022

To ensure that all resident's enjoyment of the garden is respected and protected we have a very simple set of rules.

♣ Only children under 10 may use the play equipment, and they must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. 


♣ Cycling, ball-games and the use of any personal equipment (such as paddling pools, games gear or radios) which interferes with other resident's’ peaceful enjoyment of the garden, is not permitted.


♣ Picnics are fine, but no barbecues or fireworks. Please take your rubbish home with you after picnics. 


♣ Don’t lend anyone your entry card to anyone and report if it has been stolen or lost to the garden clerk by phone or email.  This ensures the security of other residents in the garden.


♣ Sorry, no dogs


♣ Please keep the gates closed


♣ Permission is needed for larger groups or parties to enter


♣ Any damage to the plants or fabric of the garden will be prosecuted

For more detailed information visit the Garden Rules Page.  

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