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Garden Improvements

As well as routine maintenance we also seek to improve the Garden for future generations of residents. 

Completed Projects 2022


Play Area

In May the Committee was finally able to secure the funds to go ahead with the play area. Our contractors, All Seasons, started on May 10th.  The ground works and new safety surface (a hybrid lawn) were completed by June 10th. Although it is recommended to allow two months for the grass to establish itself and grow through the matting, we opened half the play area in mid July to allow children to play during the hot summer weather.

The train was renovated and re-installed on new footings, hopscotch and a new path was laid and hard landscaping completed in preparation for new  benches. The  bespoke climbing frame was installed in mid September.  The whole area was then inspected to ensure it met health and safety standards.  The new play area was fully opened  at the end of September.

The Committee has made a short list of possible benches

to sit within the new shrubbery that will separate the climbing frame from the main garden area.  A decision on these will be made based on the available budget with the aim of getting them installed before the Summer.

In the coming year we will focus our attention on the second phase of this project, the area around the substation

Planned Projects


This stage will focus on the area around the substation

The Portman estate are kindly liaising on our behalf with UKPN (UK Power Networks) to improve the condition of the substation and the paved area around it. The exact costs are not yet known but a rough estimate…….

The work we would like to do would transform the environment at the south end of the garden. These works include:

  • Lowering the other walls around the substation and adding Portland stone seating to them

  • Herringbone brick paving on 3 sides around the substation

  • Dress the substation facade to create a pavilion with a central urn or sculpture as a focal point with planters either side.

  • Repave the entrance way with Portland stone slabs and edges.

  • Upgrade the gravel paths around the perimeter of the substation

  • Renovate the south lawn.

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