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Garden Rules

The Garden Rules exist to ensure that all residents can enjoy the garden. 

Please be considerate of your fellow residents. 

The Garden Rules
The Play Area Rules

Garden Rules 2023

To ensure that all resident's enjoyment of the garden is respected and protected we have a very simple set of rules.

♣ Only children under 10 may use the play equipment, and they must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. 


♣ Cycling, ball-games and the use of any personal equipment (such as paddling pools, games gear or radios) which interferes with other resident's’ peaceful enjoyment of the garden, is not permitted.


♣ Picnics are fine, but no barbecues or fireworks. Please take your rubbish home with you after picnics. 


♣ Don’t lend anyone your entry card to anyone and report if it has been stolen or lost to the garden clerk by phone or email.  This ensures the security of other residents in the garden.


♣ Sorry, no dogs


♣ Please keep the gates closed


♣ Permission is needed for larger groups or parties to enter


♣ Any damage to the plants or fabric of the garden will be prosecuted

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