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Information for Residents
Old and New

Below you should find all the information you need about access to the garden and other useful information.


Each household is entitled to one programmed key card to access the garden. You will need to provide proof of address and a £50 deposit that is refunded when you move out of the square and return the card. If your card is not returned then the deposit will be forfeited.


Please contact the Garden Clerk to arrange to collect a card.

There is a charge for replacing lost cards.


By using your card you agree to abide by the rules of the garden and accept any liability for use of the playground and amenities.  

Annual Garden Rate

The Garden Square was established through an Act of Parliament in 1801.

The act requires every household in the Square to contribute to the upkeep of the garden by paying an annual charge.  This is called the Annual Garden Rate.  The charge to each property is determined by its size and value.  

Any changes to the rate are discussed and agreed at the Trust's AGM. 

Rubbish Collection

Household rubbish is collected on Tuesdays and Fridays each week, it needs to be put out on the pavement by 9am.  Please do not put it out over night as it attracts foxes who drag the rubbish into the garden.

Items for recycling – paper, bottles, cans, plastic – need to be put out before 7.30 am on Fridays only, in the clear bags provided free by Westminster Council.

If you see rubbish dumped on the street at any other time, please call Westminster Council’s Rubbish Hotline 0207 641 2000.

If you walk a dog – please be mindful of other residents and pick up after your dog.  

There is a recycling center at the corner of George Street and Montagu Street. Rubbish can be left here at any time.

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